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A regenerating experience for the body and the spirit: Californian, Hawaiian, Hot or Cold Stone are special massages to regain psychophysical well-being. Accompanied by a glass of Duca di Dolle sparkling wine for a truly unforgettable moment!

Massage by Angela Tuon, professional masseuse, holistic practitioner and certified Tao teacher.

Since 2013 Lactation consultant and Teacher of Neonatal and Child Massage. Since 2018 Professional Massage Practitioner with Biennial Training.

Massage therapist for, among others, Igor Cassina, gold medalist at the Athens Olympics, Silvio Fauner, gold medalist at the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer and Crystal Pittman, Weightlifting champion




  1. Massage of your choice
  2. Glass of Duca di Dolle wines

Californian: created in Esalen, California, in the 1970s to treat Vietnam veterans returning from war, it is a massage that is light on the body but deep in the spirit and mind, characterised by manoeuvres that caress the body.

Hawaian: massage that has centuries of history. It brings to the client’s body manoeuvres reminiscent of the ocean waves, the strength of the earth and the warmth of the volcanoes that characterise those very islands. A unique massage that gives the client the sensation of being rocked by the waves of the sea.

Hot stone (in summer cold stone): a massage using stones, porous and warm in winter and marble in summer, to invigorate the metabolism, stimulate circulation and relaxation.




Californian, Hawaian, Hot stone, Roman massage in the pool




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